Classic: Puno & Lake Titicaca Independent Adventure (TSPLTC)

Countries Visited: Peru
Trip Style: Classic - Designed for maximum variety, these trips are geared towards travellers searching for a healthy mix of active exploration, uncommon landscapes, amazing wildlife and local cultures.
Service Level: Upgraded
  • All the adventure you want, with a softer landing
  • Handpicked, character-rich accommodations with upgraded amenities services
  • Upgraded and private transport, including flights to maximize time
  • More included meals, activities and transfers
    Physical Demands Rating: 2 - There'll be some light walking and hiking. Suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.
    Group Size: Information Not Available
    Meals Included: 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch
    Accommodations: Comfort hotel (2 nts).

    Enjoy the festive and colourful city of Puno, Cruise on famed Lake Titicaca, Explore the floating reed islands of the Uros people

    Lake Titicaca is not only the largest lake in South America, its also overflowing with culture and history. Sitting at 3838m above sea level, this is the highest navigable lake in the world. Spend a full day on the lake and meet its most famous residents-the Uros people, who live on floating, man-made islands made of reeds collected from the lake. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the lunch spot at the top of Taquile Island before browsing through the handwoven textiles at a local weaving cooperative.
  • Details

    Tour Operator
    G Adventures
    Offer valid through 3/31/2018
    3 Days
    Escorted - No
    Day 1PunoDay 1 Puno
    Located 3830m (12,565 ft) above sea level, Puno's weather can be extreme with very cold nights and strong sun during the day. Additional Notes: Please note that hot water shortages and power outages can be fairly common in Peru (even in upgraded hotels and private homes). We appreciate your patience and understanding that these occurrences are outside of our control. Included Activities: Meet and Greet Airport Welcome Meeting Arrival Day Transport: Private Vehicle (1.00 hour(s))
    Day 2PunoDay 2 Puno (1B, 1L)
    Enjoy an included lunch with spectacular views on Taquile Island before continuing on to the renowned floating islands of Uros. Learn about its inhabitants and the tortora reeds used to construct the islands themselves as well as traditional reed boats. Return to Puno and opt to visit the Sillustani burial site. Included Activities: Day Trip to Lake Titicaca
    Day 3PunoDay 3 Puno (1B)
    Transfer to the airport for onward travel. Transport: Private Vehicle

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    • Classic: Puno & Lake Titicaca Independent Adventure (TSPLTC)

      From $199.00 (USD)

      Countries Visited: PeruTrip Style: Classic - Designed for maximum variety, these trips are geared towards travellers searching for a healthy mix of active exploration, uncommon landscapes, amazing wildlife and local cultures.

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